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CryptoBG*2014 – CryptoBG



For more photos from the summer school, you can visit the CryptoBG*2014 Photo Gallery.

Bridge Theory to Practice: Cryptology and Cyber Resilience

20 -27 July 2014 (Sunday-Sunday), “National Institute of Education”, Oriahovitza, Bulgaria

One intensive week of theory, practice and discussions: 4-hour lectures and tutorials by international experts extended with practical workshops, labs and seminars, simulations, round-table discussions and working groups on hot topics
Listed in the Calendar of Events of IACR (International Association for Cryptologic Research).

In focus for 2014 (but not limited to):


  • Fundamentals of e-Voting: blind signatures and homomorphic encryption (legal aspects)
  • Functional encryption – identity-based encryption (IBE) and attribute-based encryption (ABE)
  • Curve-based cryptography – theoretical and practical aspects
  • Pairing-based cryptography


  • Biometrics for security
  • Electronic Voting – practical realization
  • Searchable encryption
  • Security of Mobile Payments
  • Side-channel Resistance – practical labs and simulation

Preliminary list of Lectures and Tutorials:esIrobot

Razvan Barbulescu (LIX, France) – Algorithms of discrete logarithm in finite fields
Claude Barral (Bactech, France) – Biometrics basics; Biometrics & cryptography interaction
Thomas Roche (ANSSI, France) – Side Channel Attacks
Tancrède Lepoint (CryptoExperts, France) – Homomorphic encryption from theory to practice
Ben Smyth (INRIA, France) – e-Voting
Dimitar Jetchev (EPFL, Switzerland) – Searchable Encryption
Nicolas Gama (Université de Versailles, France) – Proxy Re-encryption
Mariya Georgieva (Gemalto, France) – Dynamical systems and LLL algorithm
Iosif Androulidakis (Greece) – Security of telecommunication systems (ad-hoc)

>>> And your favorite CTF*BG round (Capture The Flag) by CyResLab (of ESI CEE)
          RED <>BLUE teams in 3 sessions:

  • CTF “warm up” & challenges explained
  • Offensive Security – MITM demos, PKI & SSL, Secure Coding digest
  • CTF*BG Ultimate

Round table discussions:

  • e-voting and e-Government (Bulgaria, Europe)
  • Cyber Resilience = Industry + Government + Society
  • What’s next – new challenges (cloud, mobile, smart devices – IoT, Industrial Internet, security standards …)


To view or download the presentations, please follow this link  (for participants only, password required)

CryptoBG-2014-Agenda v2

CryptoBG*2014 - With NAO
Organized by:

Supported by

Mayor Municipality of Stara Zagora Zhivko Todorov
Information Services PLC
SofiaTech Park
Sofia University – Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
American University in Bulgaria