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CryptoBG – CryptoBG International Summer School


To prepare the researchers and IT practitioners for the digital security and resilience of our business and e-life TOMORROW,

we must design and develop on what will be AFTER TOMORROW.

 Why Crypto?

Cryptology is the basis for the Cyber Security and Cyber Defense – the complex area which controls the risks related to the use of various computer systems and creates computer platforms, languages and applications according to established security rules and compliances.

What is CryptoBG?

During CryptoBG International Summer School we aim to combine technologies with methodologies, organization and awareness for higher internet security, systems and mobile security, content protection, digital rights management, and more general – resilient and sustainable operations at all levels and areas.

Main topics

The latest trends and state-of-the-art open problems are linked to practical aspects and case studies on use or miss-use of the information, our digital identity and trust. We want to foster forming the Bulgarian research and scientific community, serving the IT industry, all IT-enabled services (like banking, e-Health, e-Administration, industries), and the Knowledge Society in Bulgaria and the entire region. It starts with encoding messages and providing confidential sender-receiver channel, the basis of Cryptography and Cryptology. Numerous mathematical methods, such as number theory, combinatorics, coding theory, complexity theory and algorithms, are applied for secure transmission of messages. Fast-growing technologies serve both the healthy and the dark side. The challenge is to construct high-complexity encodings that would still take millions of years for decoding with the most powerful supercomputer and the most efficient known attacks. Cryptology is practically everywhere, in all software or hardware system – internet, emailing, mobile devices, access control and password authentication, digital signatures, network and systems security.


The focus of the school is to Bridge the Practice to Theory by gathering world class leaders in the field with young researchers, IT security practitioners, e-business innovators, business resilience managers and cyber-defense professionals.

The Summer School is a milestone of a longer-term joint program of the organizers (BPIAS, ESI CEE, Minu Balkanski Foundation, and international partners), composed by trainings on IT and information security (form schools to universities), series of lectures and visiting speakers, awareness campaign for the civil digital society, and forming an operational Cyber-Defense cluster.

Who should attend?

The Summer School is tailored for researchers, students and professionals involved and interested in these special theoretical and practical areas. Both users and developers of applications will benefit from the program. Industry representatives will discover new opportunities for development and bridging with theory. Authorities using or supporting secure communications and information exchange are welcomed. Cyber-defense professionals and officers will gain both know-how and foresight to meet the “unknown”.

Organized by

Summer School Committee
Prof. Minko Balkanski, IHE, France (Honorary Chairman)
Dr. George Sharkov, ESI CEE, Bulgaria
Prof. Dimitar Jetchev, EPFL, Switzerland
Dr. Mariya Georgieva, Gemalto, France

Please address questions and confirm your interest to: 

Dr. George Sharkov
gesha (at) esicenter (dot) bg

Prof. Dimitar Jetchev
dimitar.jetchev (at) epfl (dot) ch

Prof. Minko Balkanski
minko.balkanski (at) balkanski-foundation (dot) org

Organizing Committee
info (at) cryptoBG (dot) org
(phone: +359 2 489 9740)